Automatic translation is getting better every minute – or so it seems.

Many companies use free translation tools quite regularly. The advantages are obvious: Especially if quick and easy translation is needed, firms tend to protect their resources. Admittedly, the increasing quality of those tools offers more flexibility for everyone. But when it comes to sensitive documents or important communication, a professional translator is more advisable than ever.

Characteristics of a Profession: Translators and Interpreters

“Translation is a goal-oriented linguistic activity.” The German federal association of translators and interpreters emphazises a creative, analytical-synthetical and critical procedure as the foundation for a qualified translation. A translator analyzes a text taking into account its local background and matches it with the respective target group. He or she translates the author’s message into the target language while reflecting the author’s original intentions.

Becoming a professional translator not only means having excellent language knowledge but also the sharpening of other skills to meet the requirements of this multidimensional task.

Most translators are specialised in a certain field and therefore convert highly specialised texts, but you can also find software localisation and conference translation in business contexts. Authorized translators produce certificates and ensure the completeness as well as the correctness of the translation.

Interpreters are also called “language mediators”. While a translator transcribes written texts from one language into another, the interpreter converts spoken or written texts orally from one language into another. Globalisation demands multilingual exchange particularly in the fields of politics, science, technology and economics.

When to Hire a Professional Translator in Your Company

Legal Translations

There is no question: When it comes to legal documents and conversations, you should always work with a specialist. Make sure you follow the specific laws of your country for hiring a translator or interpreter in legal matters.

Sensitive Data

As soon as you work with data related to individuals or want to translate a sensitive document like a business pitch, you want this to be handled properly. Not only the correct language but also data protection is crucial. Remember: What we get for free nowadays we most likely pay for by sharing our (personal) data with unknown third parties.

Interpreters and translators have to respect the data protection obligations. Reliable service providers furthermore cover the secrecy of business information in the contract or a separate NDA.

Official Communication

Every text is a representation of your company. External communication (written or spoken) needs to be translated accurately to address a foreign-language target group at least correctly and in the best case: effectively.

Here are some examples for communication pieces which should be translated suitably:

  • Social media presentation
  • Blog articles
  • Webpages
  • Business Pitches
  • E-Mail Marketing

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