The value of learning another language

There is an interesting Slovene saying: The more languages you speak, the greater your value. I like how many implications there are. For example, you become more eloquent. You can also connect with more people. Knowing another language saves time for both the other party and yourself. You can demonstrate your willingness to move closer to the other person, instead of waiting for them to approach you.

Then there is the value in the languages themselves: Getting into a similar mindset (but seeing it from a new perspective), or the cultural aspects of a language. The Turkish saying “Bir dil bir insan, iki dil iki insan” literally translates into “One language, one person”.

A dear friend also describes it as follows: “If you know one language you are a person; but if you know two languages, you are two. When you learn more than one language, you also learn another culture. And that makes you another person.” I bet there is a thousand similar proverbs out there, deepening the meaning of what we just began to explore.

Building a new (business) identity

Building up a new identity by learning a new language is also a very good option for your business. This means finding a good balance between

Your origins, values and (local) success

& approaching new people within their cultural hemisphere.

Finding the right person to enter the German-speaking market

To me, it is most important to find someone who fully understands you and your product. You can hire the best translators, even several ones – and still be uncertain in the end if your customers will get the right vibe from your texts.

Make sure this person gets the best briefing possible, meet them in person if you can. The investment of your time at this point is crucial for the next steps. Connect with them. If they get to know your business atmosphere and the essence of your product or service, they will be able to communicate this in their native language in the most natural and magnetic way.

After that, make sure it is at least a medium-term approach. To unfold your story in the German-speaking world (like any other), you have to be persistent.

Are you ready? You will have a new business personality. You will be telling a whole new story, so you should feel completely comfortable with your choice. Because this person basically creates your voice in another language.

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