What if your business story is no longer based on your history, but taking place completely in the here and now?

Letting go of old mistakes and achievements

We all know the feeling of history forming our (business) identity. “This company I am working for has achieved a lot, our product was awarded as the best on the market.” “Our business has been facing great difficulties since it was bought up.” “This service has helped X customers to improve their lives in the last year.” And so on.

But what if you simply accept these facts, forgive everyone around you (including yourself), or stop bragging, and move on? Go to work, and start your day like it was your first one?

Having moved to yet another country, I know exactly how this feels. As a texter, I would describe it like facing the blank page. It is frightening and wonderful at the same time.

Forget about the future as well

Now this might be a little more difficult to do. After all, our goals are what drives us, right? But imagine starting to acknowledge the very present with all the opportunities it has to give.

Most of the time we tend to look into what is hopefully a bright future, trying to figure out the best way to turn all the old ways around – and meet the golden ideas at least half way.

It gets really exciting when we are open to approach our customers and let them decide on the issues instead of (repeatedly) taking it upon ourselves.

The story is here, now.

Storytelling allows us to be consistent, to reinforce our beliefs and to address people who are like-minded. But as a creative act, it also allows you to simply enjoy your job, your life, your day. What if it was your last one? How would you like to spend it? How would you help the people around you in the best way possible?

This mind game helps to fully liberate yourself and create space for completely new ideas – which in turn lead to (professional) growth.

Finding better questions

If we all strive to find the best questions in life, storytelling is an excellent way to do that.

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