Translation from English to German

If you decide to sell your products or services to German-speaking customers, you want to provide flawless and appealing German texts. The form highly depends on your branch and target group, the specific region you address, and last but not least: the purpose of your text.

As a German native speaker, I will translate your texts from English to German while:

  • finding the exact right tone
  • preserving the key messages
  • also “translating” defined key words
  • giving your business a distinctive voice
  • emphasizing your identity

Haruki Murakami once defined translation as a very technical task.

In my experience translation is a rather creative work. You have to ensure all elements of a message are understandable and receivable.

Otherwise even minor lingual differences or seemingly insignificant colloquial expressions might lead to misunderstandings. Read more about what defines a great translator in my blog.