My professional path

I am a writer by conviction and passion. My professional path has taken me through various fields, such as political science, public relations (both agency and corporate), TV journalism, editing of academic theses and translation of various text forms from English into German.

Along the way I gained deep insights into fascinating industries, including smart homes, data protection, online games and countless methods of business coaching up to organizational development. In addition, I have gained valuable experience as a barista – not only about the art of good coffee, but also in dealing with all kinds of people.

I have moved a few times, so I can already call Canada, Slovenia and the Netherlands my home besides Germany.

about nadine balazs

How your text is created

I compose each of your texts with the utmost care. First of all we clarify what you expect from it:

  • Who will read the text?
  • Where and in which form will it appear?
  • What exactly are people supposed to do after reading?

Then we make sure that the text fits into your “story”. Your story includes all content – such as text, images and videos – that you show the world online and offline. Ideally, your story should present a clear, up-to-date and appealing overall picture. And these features are entirely in the eye of the beholder: your target group.

Afterwards you will receive the finished text from me, which you may now put to the acid test.

Are you satisfied? Wonderful – only at this point my assignment is completed.