A lot of countries are trying to get people to move in. It is the lack of skilled employees which brings companies to hire foreigners all over the world, and you can also often find a long-standing culture of immigration. Glossy brochures will be handed out, and lots of friends or acquaintances already moved. But Slovenia is different.

So I asked myself: Why should I do it? And I also get asked very often by people in Ljubljana. Obviously, you do not find many expats in Slovenia, and Germans are even rarer. So everyone has to consider and decide for themselves:


The first and most obvious reason seems to be the multitude of possibilities when it comes to traveling and exploring nature. Slovenia has everything: Mediterranean sea, majestic mountains, gorgeous lakes and endless hiking trails. From Ljubljana you can also reach Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia within just a few hours.

A second reason, and my personal favorite, is the Slovene culture. I am fascinated with the turbulent history, the young and artistic Ljubljana and the overall relaxed atmosphere, accompanied with a certain seriousness. On a “free walking tour” in Europe’s smallest capitol, I was able to get an impression of the proud, yet humble Slovene soul. So I decided to follow my dream and become a full-time writer, at the same time learning more about the city of dragons and getting to know its people.


If you are a future expat, thinking about moving to Slovenia, let me tell you a few things I have experienced. You won’t get any brochures in advance, telling you what to do. And that’s actually a gift. You might already have had a few job interviews, depending on your profession. In any case, you should not base your decision only on how drawn or invited you feel from the outside. Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia, step into the country. Learn some words, talk to people. After that, you might have to jump. But the great thing about the Slovene people is this: They are always there to support you. I was lucky to get to work with the wonderful placement agency Competo d.o.o., who helped me a lot with building my local career.

© Nadine Balazs

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